The best choice for inground swimming pools

Anybody who wants polyester swimming pools to signal climbing on the social ladder can still save some money by thinking ahead and building theirs during the cold season. This is the perfect time to do it and it makes perfect sense – in the off-season, all the prices go down. And this can also be considered a means of saving time as well – build yours now and you will enjoy splashy fun in the sun in the very first day when the clouds will go away.

While there are other alternatives as well, such as the above the ground swimming pools, nothing is like an inground swimming pool. And the material used by most of the builders is predominantly the polyester – which can seem an odd choice for some. But, again, it makes perfect sense – it is the most malleable material on the market, it has waterproofing characteristics and it is also the cheapest.

However, building polyester swimming pools doesn’t mean using just this one material – smooth concrete slabs are used for the bottom of the pool, PVC lining membranes offer additional waterproofing, stainless steel is used for the stairs as well as for the supporting buttresses, while vinyl ester is used to reinforce the walls. So while the polyester might seem a bit fragile, all these additional materials will make it as sturdy and as resistant as one would wish.

Of course, when planning to build your own swimming pool, you need to consider both the budget and the space allotted for the pool itself – but, given the low prices of the off-season, you can now have the swimming pool of your dreams. So while in the hot season our clients go for the designs we have already prepared (because they are cheaper), you can actually bring your own ideas to the table when building yours.

Our designers can use any piece of information you provide them with in order to come with a design that you like – magazines, catalogues, pictures from your travels. And these all needn’t be at all about or with swimming pools. Just a general idea of what you have in mind is more than enough for our designers to come with unique polyester swimming pools designs.

A swimming pool isn’t just a nice hole in the ground filled with water. And while the vital systems and features are included in the starting price, you can also consider some extra-features as well. And you can start with the most helpful one, which is the touchscreen display, with remote control, which monitors and regulates all the functions of the swimming pool. For example, with just a single touch you can increase the temperature of the water or you can see what system or features isn’t working in the normal parameters. This comes in handy not just for your comfort, but also for prolonging the life of your swimming pool.

The off-season is also the best time in which you can purchase accessories as well. We can offer you the best deals for chaise lounges, shades, stools, tables, and so on. Just give us a call for more information or continue checking out our website!

As far as the polyester swimming pools, features and accessories are concerned, you can find anything with us.

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